La Bastille is the corporate home of all Bastille luxury offerings, including Bastille Metal Works, Bastille Cabinetry, Bastille Furnishings, Bastille Motor Works, Bastille Prototyping and the Bastille Foundation. La Bastille is a leading producer of custom interior surfaces and fine furnishings, integrating unusual yet classical materials with smart and striking designs.

The company was founded by Christopher Lee Plummer and Katiana Plummer. Chris and Katiana are a great team. Chris handles all of the creative and technical aspects of La Bastille and Katiana is responsible for La Bastille operations. Chris' life-long passion for fine arts sparked his interest in unique mediums, specifically metals. His fascination of the history of the intricate patterns in architectural metals lead to his work with historic metal restoration and erecting large-scale building facades in metals. This work ultimately led to the creation of Bastille Metal Works, recognized world-wide as the leader in zinc and pewter installations in both large scale commercial settings as well as within the most beautifully appointed homes throughout the world. Today, our custom zinc and pewter bar tops and furnishings are not only sold throughout the United States and Canada, but are also displayed world-wide in Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe, including the location of zinc and pewter's heritage- France.

La Bastille works directly with residential clients as well as award-winning architects, designers, and restaurateurs to create high-end, custom looks housed in a variety of settings, from traditional Parisian bistros to ultra-modern luxury hotels to everything in between. La Bastille has revolutionized the art of using unexpected materials in exciting ways, all for the discerning client who desires the unusual without sacrificing beautiful design and of equal importance, function.

La Bastille continues to expand its offerings, as we are a company that prides itself on accepting challenges in design that are not easily achieved. Our imaginations are easily stirred, prompting us to develop new techniques and to use unique materials to provide never-before seen designs in mixed materials, from soft metals to exotic woods, unusual hides to antique tiles to authentic French enamel, we do not shy away from a design idea. Our company mission is to achieve the fearless integration of smart design with interesting and unusual materials.

We invite you to browse our website and find an inspiration for your home or commercial project. Be sure to also visit our Facebook page as we continually update it with current projects and photos. Feel free to visit our Showroom in the New York Design Center or Contact Us today to discuss your design needs. We always welcome new challenges and would love to help you achieve your vision.

Save the Date: Apocalypse

“I want the piece to beg the question, ‘Should I use this as a table or hang it on my wall?’” states artist and metal smith, Christopher Plummer. This non-traditional approach has been the foundation of Plummer’s art practice, a mingled fusion between pop-impressionism and found-object …

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Shop to Showroom: The Freedom to be Different

“To me, punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are. It’s freedom.” ― Patti Smith Have you ever seen the video of the man dancing all alone at a concert? If you …

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Gibby Haynes in a Tom Ford Suit: Our Ode to Sheet Zinc

When you have an idea for a work and when you’ve finished your model for it, for the artist it’s almost complete, in a way. But then bringing it to the finish is really something you do for the audience. It is always exciting. -Jeff Koons …

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These Tables Go To 11

Elegance can come from the most unexpected sources. We pride ourselves on being able to find inspiration in all possibilities, whether it’s the high art in Keith Haring’s pop rich style and Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans, or in the rusted aesthetic of Savannah’s local architecture that …

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