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Cast Zinc Countertop: An Island in Louisiana

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In a quaint town in rural, central Louisiana, there is a unique new attraction.  Other than the occasional Elvis siting, which keeps the locals guessing, this is a sleepy town that enjoys its tranquility.  However, this new attraction has even gained the attention of the ZLA (yes, folks, the Zinc Liberation Army).

In the home of a wonderful couple, Bastille Metal Works cast, polished and installed a one-of a kind custom cast zinc island that is a true masterpiece of custom metalwork. The mobile casting unit (MCU), not to be confused with SVU, took a journey to Louisiana and crafted one gorgeous piece of metal.

The edge detail is our popular bistro edge. The patina is medium and the overall effect is remarkable. Rather than just cast the top, Bastille Metal Works offered to also cast the legs of the island which, along with its size,  is what is so special about this this project. By casting the legs, the island takes on an authentic Old World look. The island legs were then treated to a darkened patina, creating a statement and framing the zinc island in grand fashion. The cast bar also has a custom zinc integrated sink, adding to the streamlined look of the overall work. The effect is visually stunning while still creating a warm and inviting gathering place for what will be social hub of the home.

As always, we look forward to photos of the finished room however, even unfinished, we think you will agree, this custom cast zinc piece is architectural eye candy.

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