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Bastille Metal Works Creates A Zinc Centerpiece In Connecticut.

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Now displayed in the beautifully renovated kitchen of the Cunningham residence is a Bastille cast zinc bar top. William Cunningham Jr. contracted Bastille Metal Works to build a zinc bar top that would serve as the hearth of his kitchen and Bastille delivered with a stunning cast zinc bar top with a rope and pearls edge profile.

The warmth of the zinc blends flawlessly with the warmth of the yellow walls and cherry cabinets and contrasts seamlessly with the coolness of the green in the kitchen. The bar top provides an eye-catching aesthetic and gives the kitchen a certain “wow” factor and the rope with pearls edge profile adds classic elegance to this modern kitchen.

The bar top was designed to be the centerpiece of the room. It absolutely makes the room. Bastille was incredibly helpful in selecting the right look for our room and they made the whole experience positive.” –William Cunningham Jr.