Meet Bastille Metal Works Designer, Mary Jones.

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Mary is a graduate of SCAD with a bachelor of fine arts in furniture design and a minor in exhibition design. She enjoys tackling new design challenges at Bastille and thrives on turning client visions into realities. As a lover of many art and design mediums, Mary melds art, furniture, and architecture to create work that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

“Bastille is a wonderful example of a smaller company doing big things in the design industry. We’re a tight knit, family-oriented company, and that makes coming to work enjoyable for me. When it comes to my work, I love what I do. Creating custom products ensures I always have a new challenge. I see myself as a problem solver more than anything else, so this keeps me engaged with and excited about our products. As a team, we’re always pushing the limits of what is possible. I never know what I might be working on next. Whatever project it may be at Bastille, I get to turn an idea into not only a reality but an experience. Nothing is more exciting than that!”

-Mary Jones

“Mary, like the rest of our staff, is an absolute rock star. She handles complex drawings and projects with ease that you’re likely to find in a seasoned pro. This is only surprising if you knew she JUST graduated. Mary could have gone to work anywhere she chose, formerly working for high end design firms like Curry & Co, she has tuned down jobs with designers such as Dakota Jackson to work with us at Bastille and we couldn’t be happier.“

“Mary is an extremely talented woman with focus and drive whose designs are striking and impactful. Be on the lookout for the Mary Jones collection coming soon.”

-Chris Plummer