Meet Bastille Metal Works Production Manager, Lonnie Coulter.

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The son of a carpenter and a mathematics instructor, Lonnie has always occupied the space between abstract thought and reality. While completing his degree in architecture from North Carolina State University, he began focusing on how design can translate into built objects. With years of practical shop and CNC experience, and a master’s degree in Furniture Design, he understands the best way to make client ideas into a reality with the Bastille team.

“When I was first approached with the opportunity I am currently pursuing at Bastille, it took some time for the gravity of the offer to permeate. Chris and Katiana put their complete trust in my talents and knowledge of design and manufacturing; they allowed me to choose the industry’s premier software and equipment in order to augment and expand a product line that was already extremely successful. I was allowed to control the planning and layout of our new facility, as well as how we would move forward in continuing to build a successful team of artisans. By virtue of this gracious carte blanche, I was extended an opportunity that is easily listed as a mid-career goal for most others. The results have been impressive, and this is just one example of how things are done differently here at Bastille Metal Works. 

The investment our company places in each employee is evident. Chris and Katiana have gathered a tremendous team and provided the foresight, encouragement, and support that each of us needs to reach our goals, and this is one of the many reasons why I love working here: Place the right people in the right positions, and provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.  Seems pretty simple, right?!

Working at a company like Bastille is dream come true for me. I am challenged by the complexity of new design and manufacturing challenges that arise daily. I feel my worth as someone whose experience can be applied to our process, and I work with an increasingly skilled team in a setting of support and positive reinforcement. We all know what working for a terrible employer is like, and having worked for a few, I can honestly say that few companies value and reward dedication and hard work the way that ours does. I am extremely excited about the things to come here at Bastille Metal Works!”

                                                                                            ~Lonnie Coulter

“We at Bastille are so fortunate to have someone of Lonnie’s caliber and skill level in charge of our production. Lonnie is a craftsman…and a very talented and bright one. He has the expertise to maximize our state-of-the-art CNC machinery while still having the ability to create complex designs by hand as well. He single-handedly refined our production processes by standardizing workflow and quality controls, which has doubled our output. Lonnie’s contributions to Bastille continually amaze me and, to top it all off, he’s also just a really great guy. Thanks Lonnie for all you do!”

          ~Katiana Plummer