Meet Bastille Metal Works Office Manager, Nicole Braye.

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Nicole comes to us with ten years of experience in executive management, with extensive knowledge of operations, accounting and human resources. Nicole also has excellent client relations skills and offers a hint of that Savannah charm. Nicole keeps us on our toes and we are so appreciative of her organizational skills as well as her commitment to customer service.

“Here at Bastille Metal Works I have had the fortunate experience to start at the ground level and be a part of major growth bursting with creativity and positive design. It is the creativity, the craftsmanship, the clientele and most of all, our team that makes Bastille Metal Works an amazing place to work. The support of our leaders and the involvement of the whole team are unparalleled. In my role here as an office manager I have been given the trust, respect & guidance to profoundly grow both personally and professionally as much as Bastille Metal Works has grown as a company. Being a key part of the process is an amazing responsibility. I am a person who enjoys the challenges of multitasking and coordinating. I have strong beliefs in customer service and integrity among ourselves and how we do business. I recognize the need our business has for organized and detailed support in all areas of the process. There is great satisfaction in seeing each project develop, each client happy, each team member supported and Bastille Metal Works as a whole growing. There is an amazing future ahead of us. I am proud, honored and great full to be a part of it.”

~Nicole Braye

“Nicole is the glue that holds Bastille Metal Works together. She is our oldest employee, well, in longevity, and has been instrumental to our growth. If someone spent 15 minutes in our corporate office, they would hear Nicole get asked questions at least ten times, yet she doesn’t get frazzled. Nicole handles it all and remains customer focused and friendly. She is always managing at least twenty projects simultaneously and she takes pride in doing them all well. She recently returned from maternity leave and we were so happy to have her back!  While we filled in for her during her absence, it was not the same without her there. Nicole is a hard-working and dedicated employee and Bastille Metal Works relies on her to keep us organized and moving forward. She is a kind and gentle woman who brightens my day.  We are so grateful to her for all she does.”

~Katiana Plummer