Meet Bastille Metal Works Shop Supervisor, Maurice Johnson.

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Maurice Johnson – Shop Supervisor


As a native of Savannah, GA, Maurice started with La Bastille Metal Works in 2012. In that time, he’s become a top performer for us with a great work ethic. He takes great pride in producing our one-of-a-kind custom pieces. Maurice is a graduate of the Chatham County Apprenticeship Program and holds the distinction of being the first graduate of the CCA Program to gain employment with our company. In February of 2013, Maurice was featured in the Savannah Morning News paper, “Embracing A Second Chance,” telling his inspiring story about turning his life around. He’s very ambitious and dedicated to taking our company to new heights.

Maurice on his role with us:


“Roughly 16 months ago I came to this company practically with nothing but a strong desire to establish myself as a dependable employee. Although I was clueless to the significance of the Bastille brand, not once did my ignorance negate me from my determination to succeed. Ultimately this has been one heck of a journey for me as I continue to grow with Bastille Metal Works. My initial desire, which was to be a dependable employee, has developed into nothing less than an employee filled with passion, A tenacious drive, complimented with a lot of integrity for our business but most importantly MYSELF!!! Bastille Metal Works has shared its founding recipe on how to succeed as well as following my dreams! I embrace this company wholeheartedly and with open arms as it was done with me 16 months ago. Now as Shop Supervisor I credit my thanks not only to the owners of such a prestigious business, but also each an every last employee I work with on a daily basis. These people saw something different in me and believed in every aspect thereof. Great visionaries are definitely why I am who I am but also why Bastille Metal Works is such a growing success!” 

~Maurice Johnson


“It is difficult to write about Maurice without getting overly sappy, I have grown very fond of him over this last year and a half. Maurice reminded Chris of himself when he was his age and wanted to give him an opportunity. When we first met him, we both immediately saw in him a hunger to learn and work hard. We have since gotten to know him on a personal level as well. He is a remarkable young man, both personally and professionally. Maurice strives to put his all into every role he fulfills, employee, fiancé, dad and now, Shop Supervisor. He is loyal, trustworthy, kind and always seeks to use mistakes to become a better man. Maurice never shy’s away from a challenge in any area of his life. His recent promotion to Shop Supervisor and his leadership abilities have surpassed our expectations. His shop team looks to him for support and they have the knowledge that it will be there. He communicates with management effectively and makes sure that he and his team have what they need to get the job done under exceedingly tight deadlines. Maurice doesn’t get rattled; he just gets the job done. Maurice being a part of our lives has been a blessing. Maurice inspires us to continue to be a company worthy of the loyalty and hard work he and his team display day in and day out.

~Katiana Plummer