Custom Bronze Countertops

Bronze countertops have been used in French bistros and brasseries for centuries. bronze is malleable alloy metal composed mostly of tin. Today, bronze’s beauty has been rediscovered in 21st century design thanks to its classically sophisticated appearance, versatility, and sustainability. Differentiating between zinc and bronze can be confusing, as the metals look very similar when initially crafted and to add more confusion, bars in France are often called ‘le zinc,’ when the famous Parisian bar surfaces are actually bronze.

Bronze is a more vibrant silver in hue than zinc. bronze, like zinc is a living finish and it will develop a luxurious, muted grey or charcoal patina over time. La Bastille Metal Works offers this traditional French product with a vast selection of custom edgings. All of our metals are 100% food-safe, toxin-free, and the highest quality available for production. Bronze countertops are low-maintenance, requiring only mild soap or non-abrasive cleanser to clean.






It’s not just the counter but the edge that makes the difference. Take a look at our edge gallery, showing hundreds of decorative edging styles, each entirely customizable. Don’t see one you like? Then contact us to discuss design options.