Frequently Asked Questions

Does La Bastille work on projects internationally?

While we are based out of Savannah, GA, we create projects all over the world. We can and do travel and ship anywhere. Recent projects were completed in Canada, Japan and Brazil. We work with our clients to locate the most cost-effective and secure shipping solutions available, while always keeping customs requirements in mind.

Does La Bastille offer a warranty on their products?

We offer a one year warranty on all of our projects to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. This is just one of the ways we show our customers that they are important to us and at Bastille, quality matters.

Why should I choose La Bastille?

By choosing La Bastille, you are choosing to support a business that values quality, artistry, and most of all our customers. Unlike other zinc and pewter manufacturers, we custom cast our pieces. No welding and or unsightly seams. We create all of our designs by hand, like the old world designers of Parisian bistros hundreds of years ago. We take a traditional approach to our craftsmanship, while maintaining the functionality of modern living. We build, cast, and hand polish exactly to your specifications. Each creation is entirely personalized to your ideas and inspiration. While we offer standard edges, we often create new profiles based on a client’s vision. Challenges and unique ideas are always welcomed. Contact us today to discover how our philosophy on design can translate into a beautiful new product for your home or commercial project.

Zinc or Pewter: What metal should I choose?

Both zinc and pewter are in the silver metal family. If you are looking for a bright, shiny, silver metal, that can be continually polished, then a pewter La Bastille Design is the right choice for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more matte finish with a blue-gray hue, than a zinc La Bastille Design is a perfect choice. Zinc undergoes a natural aging oxidation process and forms a unique tarnish with age called a patina.

Does each La Bastille Design use the same quality metal?

All of our products are slip-cast in decorative metals. There is no difference between the metals used in the range hoods or furnishings and the metals used to create our surface products.

What is a patina?

A patina is a tarnish, produced by chemical processes, that forms on the surface of many types of metals. When exposed to the elements, a coating of various chemical compounds, such as oxides or carbonates form on the surface. A patina showing rich shades of browns and grays can take decades to acquire. However, at La Bastille Metal Works, we utilize years of experience to achieve the desired level of patina, treating each project like a piece of fine art. Some companies consider a custom patina something as simple as spraying chemicals on metal haphazardly. Our methods are much more refined and exact. Getting the exact level of a patina can be a difficult and painstaking process. Some metals, like zinc, require this oxidation to be stable.

How green is zinc?

Zinc, like all metals, is a natural component of the Earth’s crust and an inherent part of our environment. A natural material that never fades and retains its look, zinc has a life span expectancy of 60 – 100 years when exposed to the natural elements and even longer in interior applications.

How green is pewter?

Pewter is a long-lasting and adaptable alloy metal that can keep its beauty for decades, possibly even centuries. Our pewter is food-safe and doesn’t contain lead or toxins for humans. This easy to maintain alloy is environmentally friendly, versatile, and stunningly beautiful.

Zinc and pewter’s sustainability properties include:

    • Zinc and pewter are both extremely versatile and durable.
    • Zinc and pewter are recycled at all stages of production and use.
    • La Bastille Metal Works uses only 100% food-grade zinc and pewter, which is non-toxic.

Moreover, maintenance costs are minimal because zinc and pewter naturally develop a protective carbonate layer or patina as the metals weather and age, thus eliminating the need for paints and other coatings that might contain high levels of VOCs. Also, because the metals are uncoated, there is no possibility of fading, chipping, peeling or chafing, which reduces overall life cycle costs.

How will a La Bastille Design wear?

The metals we use for our La Bastille Designs are living alloys. They respond to their environment. Changes in the hue of the counter tops and bar tops will happen naturally with use. A patina, or darkening, will occur over time. Keep in mind that while different foods and beverages may make a mark on the counter top, because these metals are non-porous, it is virtually stain resistant. Marks that do appear, fade and blend over time.

What is the timeline and process for each project?

We have two teams that work collaboratively to get each project fully completed in a total of 6 to 8 weeks. First, our architectural design team produces shop drawings of each aspect of the size and specifications for our clients and designers. After this step is completed, which typically takes 2 weeks, it is sent to our artisan shop where they handcraft, polish, and patina each piece to create a custom piece of functional art for your home or business. This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Please note that this timeline is contingent upon the design itself and is only an estimation. We don’t guarantee this time frame, because depending on the complexity of the design and labor needed it could take a bit longer to fully achieve the desired results.

How are your La Bastille Designs priced?

Our pricing is based on the metal you choose and the square footage of the project and the finish. We are known for not charging additionally for design elements, such as decorative edge profiles, marine edges or drink rails. We prefer a well-designed, finished product rather than projects that are overly simplified for the purpose of cutting corners, so we include these features in the overall price. Contact us here to get an estimate.

How are your La Bastille Designs shipped?

La Bastille takes great effort to ensure the integrity of your La Bastille Design. We custom build wooden crates to size for each design to ship. We add braces so that the edges do not touch the crate. Additionally, we pad as an extra precaution to ensure our products reach their final destination safely and securely. Another potential option for large or unusually sized items is our security divider service. With this service your custom piece is locked securely in its origin and is not moved until it reaches its final destination.

How do I maintain my La Bastille Custom Design?

Zinc and pewter is very easy to maintain. Cleaning with a non-abrasive cleanser will keep your La Bastille Countertop or Furnishing clean and looking good. We recommend that you allow your piece to develop its own organic patina. The use of simple soap and water is perfect to clean all of our decorative metal products.

What can damage my La Bastille Design?

Zinc or pewter products cannot withstand excessive heat. Use trivets if placing any hot item on your metal countertop. Also, do not use any chlorinated products on your La Bastille Design as this will cause damage. Do not use abrasive cleaners or any acidic cleaners or liquids, as this can damage the integrity of the patina permanently.

Does La Bastille Metal Works provide installation?

La Bastille Metal Works actually goes one step further. We offer an on-site casting facility as a means to cast larger commercial and residential projects at the job site. Our bonded and insured staff will come to your site to measure and template the La Bastille Countertop or Furnishing. We will then custom build the substrate and cast the piece in our mobile unit. Within a few days, the casted metal is installed, given a custom patina and polished to order. When our staff leaves, your new zinc or pewter La Bastille Design is fully complete. While this may sound very expensive, we find that it is frequently not as expensive as building a suitable crate and shipping a countertop across the country, then having your general contractor do the installation while accepting the liability of damage. Contact us here to find out more about our mobile casting unit.

What kind of ventilation is used in a La Bastille Range Hood?

Our range hoods come equipped with Vent-A-Hood Pro-Series liner. Vent-A-Hood prides themselves on providing high quality, specialized home ventilation systems. The Vent-A-Hood products are time tested, high craftmanship, and low maintenance systems sold at a reasonable price. We like our custom products to come with the best of everything, including ventilation, and we feel that Vent-A-Hood is the finest in the industry.

Can a sink be added to a La Bastille Countertop?

We are often asked how to incorporate a sink into a La Bastille Counter or Bar Top. There are two ways of doing so. We can either undermount a sink or seamlessly weld and integrate the sink into the final casting of your La Bastille Countertop. You can provide us the sink or we can order the sink for you. We can also provide a cut out for a sink to later be installed, if you prefer.

Does La Bastille Metal Works have a sales representative I could work directly with?

While we are based out of Savannah, GA , we have designs, furnishings, and showrooms all over the country and internationally. You can work with some of our showroom partners, but most of our sales and inquiries come directly through us, so the best way to start brainstorming your design ideas for a new Bastille product is to contact us at 866-570-9690 or We’re excited to start working with you!