At Bastille Metal Works we create all of our designs by hand, like the old world designers of Parisian bistros hundreds of years ago. We take a traditional approach to our craftsmanship, while maintaining the functionality of modern living. We manufacture our Bastille Tables using beautiful slip-cast zinc and pewter, accented with an infinite selection of edge profiles. For high volume commercial or residential projects Click Here.


Bastille Backsplashes create a unique way of bringing decorative elements to the limited wall space available in kitchens and bars. At Bastille Metal Works we offer our own vision for this unique decorative detail, with customer ideas playing a key part in each project. By providing a variety of design options we can manufacture slip-cast pewter and zinc Bastille Backsplashes to bring new life to the walls of any modern kitchen.


In the same way our Bastille Range Hoods crown the kitchen, our custom built Bastille Fireplace Mantles beautifully adorn any room with their decorative ambiance. Slip-cast zinc or pewter mantles are truly a stylish highlight that can be appreciated with or without the warmth of a fire. Our original work on these mantles are a perfect introduction to our indoor furnishings line, which continues to revolutionize the industry.



The artisans at Bastille Metal Works have years of experience in both the restoration and the production of highly decorative Bastille Ceilings. We are the only company to manufacture a slip-cast ceiling that is both revolutionary in design and aesthetic. Like all of our slip-cast products, these custom creations are available in cast zinc and pewter and are remarkably versatile.


A recent addition to our ever expanding list of custom creations, the slip-cast headboard is truly a strikingly unique item that personifies the very essence of our company. Like all of our furnishings, these amazing items are available in zinc and pewter. As a living, functional piece of art for the bedroom, our custom-made, slip-cast headboards are truly amazing creations.