Zinc Countertops

Custom Zinc Countertops

As our most popular choice of metal, zinc has enjoyed quite a renaissance in modern design. Differentiating between zinc and pewter can be confusing, as the metals look very similar when initially crafted; however, zinc develops a distinctive warm, blue-grey hue as it ages. As a living metal zinc reacts to its environment, developing markings that become part of the character of the surface.

While it is possible to polish zinc, the recommended method is to allow the metal to oxidize and develop its own beautiful patina, creating a richness in color and character with time. We offer a variety of finishes ranging from natural zinc, which is matte silver in hue to a pre-patinated finish, which provides all of the rustic character of an aged piece of zinc without the extended wait. All of our zinc countertops are 100% food-safe and the highest quality available for production.





It’s not just the counter but the edge that makes the difference. Take a look at our edge gallery, showing hundreds of decorative edging styles, each entirely customizable. Don’t see one you like? Then contact us to discuss design options.